NorthStar Network is a division of LSB Consultants, LLC, which has been providing consulting services since 2002. Our strength comes from our collective years of industry experience. We are a healthcare knowledge partner to community executives from throughout the healthcare ecosystem. Our team:

  • Provides knowledge to all community healthcare stakeholders on timely, pertinent healthcare topics.
  • Provides an environment for community stakeholders to connect, share and network.
  • Uniquely connects community stakeholders on common healthcare issues to ultimately stimulate community-based activities that improve healthcare quality and/or reduce costs.
  • Provides integration and process management skills as required to support community-based activities.
  • Provides on-line training to healthcare clinicians/executives seeking business acumen and to business executives seeking healthcare knowledge.

About our Name:

NorthStar Network expertise lies in helping institutions and individuals understand and succeed in the New Business of Healthcare. As more focus is placed on healthcare as a business it is essential that the patient must always remain as the NorthStar.We selected the name as a reminder that the patient must guide everything we do.

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