Our Mission

As with any sick patient, healthcare itself needs a prescription for a return to wellness. But improvements in healthcare won’t be made by legislation. They’ll be made locally, in communities by businesses, payers, providers, and people who innovate, strategize, plan, and execute together in an atmosphere of trust against an agreed upon set of goals and objectives.

Real, positive, and sustainable improvements in community healthcare can only happen if there is shared responsibility not only for the health of the patients but for the financial well-being of all the stakeholders as well. That’s the only way to enable improved, affordable patient care and deliver better patient outcomes…the measures that determine the true health of healthcare in a community.

At NorthStar Network we know that marshaling all of the healthcare community stakeholders in a common, community-focused vision with a consistent mission and goals is the only way to achieve improved patient access and care while reducing costs.

Our mission is to inspire healthcare leaders to Think Differently and to work collaboratively to achieve measurable & sustainable improvements in quality and reductions in cost.