Cracking the Code on Healthcare

June 27, 2013
Rochester, NY

"Right healthcare decisions start with right healthcare information. When the information is right… the care is right. Outcomes are improved. Costs go down."

You are cordially invited to join us for our next Cracking the Code on Healthcare event, Intelligent Healthcare.

Mr. Daniel S. Pelino, General Manager, Healthcare and Life Sciences at IBM will discuss how effective leadership and collaboration across government agencies, education institutions, healthcare providers, and industry can support economic growth and competitive differentiation for cities, regions, and states. This will increasingly be derived from people and their skills, creativity and knowledge, as well as the capacity of the economy to create and absorb innovation. To compete, communities will need to apply information technology, analytics and systems thinking to develop a more holistic and individual-centric approach to citizen services. By doing so, they can attract, enable and retain healthy and productive individuals that support economic growth and sustainability.

Through the dedication and investments in infrastructure, education, health and human services by many public and private enterprises, communities can enjoy growth and prosperity. This also makes for great places for individuals and families to live, work, play, and congregate.

Dr. Lonny Reisman, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Aetna, will discuss how Aetna is bringing all participants into a health care system that can connect rich, continuous clinical data to definable clinical and cost outcomes. Dr. Reisman will describe how to push the boundaries of technology to develop new ways to intelligently process complete clinical and cost data -- including lab, pharmacy, pathology, and outcomes information -- and turn it into usable information. Using structured information and complete analytics helps to identify trends, associations, comparisons of treatments and supports clinical and financial decision making, accountability, and risk sharing. Dr. Reisman will explore how this convergence creates a safer, more effective and efficient health care system.

Please join us on June 27, 2013, as we explore the impacts of information, technology and collaboration as we continue our journey towards Cracking the Code on Healthcare.


Lonny ReismanLonny Reisman, MD

Chief Medical Officer

"Intelligent Health Care: driving better decision making by connecting, collecting and comparing data to create more affordable, more effective health care"


Daniel PelinoDaniel S Pelino

General Manager, Healthcare and Life Sciences

"Convene, Collaborate, Cross Boundaries"


Individual $125      Table for 10 $1000      Exhibitor $500