Visionaries share the new future of healthcare - An important and timely session for healthcare executives, with vision and insight shared by industry-recognized thought leaders.

Improvements in healthcare aren’t made by legislation. They are made in the community. By leaders innovating where it matters most, at the point of care. Improving outcomes. Reducing costs.

Please join us for an important and timely discussion led by National Quality Forum President and CEO, Janet Corrigan, and Healthcare Economist and Futurist Jeff Bauer

Dr. Bauer will set the stage, helping you to begin the journey of imagining what the future of healthcare delivery will be and the exciting opportunities and challenges that lay ahead.

Dr. Corrigan will focus on health reforms and how quality improvements in delivery, measurement, alignment of payment with value and the importance of community-based reform initiatives will improve healthcare and affordability.

The session will close with a Q&A that will focus on what changes in healthcare are going to mean to our community and to you as providers, payers and patients.

A donation to the Lupus Foundation will be made with proceeds from the event.