Cracking the Code on Healthcare

December 2, 2011

Please join us for the 4th in a series of Cracking the Code on Healthcare symposiums in Rochester, N.Y.

Innovative Models for Care, Collaboration, Compensation and Reducing Costs.

We all know that we must transform the way we pay for healthcare.  The big question is HOW? What gets paid for by whom and to whom are the major challenges facing providers, insurers, employers and patients.

Through a series of presentations and panel discussions, we will explore how public payments - Medicare, Medicaid and Health Exchanges and Innovative Private Payments are likely to change over the next few years. All directed at improving patient care and reducing costs.

Please join us as we learn to “Think Differently” about the pressing issues confronting all of us as we continue to work toward making healthcare affordable, accessible and patient-centered for all Americans.

Think Differently