Cracking the Code on Healthcare

March 14, 2012

On Wednesday, March 14, 2012, Buck Consultants, in partnership with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Georgia, Healthcare 21 Business Coalition, Piedmont Healthcare and NorthStar Network, will host its first Cracking the Code on Healthcare event at the Georgia Club in Atlanta, Georgia. The symposium theme is:

Payment Reform -
Innovative Models for Care, Collaboration, Compensation and Reducing Cost.

This healthcare event will address the issue of Payment Reform head on. We all know that we must transform the way we pay for healthcare. The big question is HOW? What gets paid for? By whom? To whom? And how will it affect the delivery and quality of care? These are the major challenges facing providers, insurers, employers and patients alike.

Utilizing a series of keynote presentations, panel discussions and breakout sessions our thought leaders will take an in-depth look at Payment Reform. How will it change the way healthcare is diagnosed? How options are reviewed? How care is selected? How healthcare is provided and payment for service is determined and delivered. And how it will affect cost.

Our two keynote presenters are nationally recognized experts who have been at the fore front of developing strategies and plans mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

Francois de Brantes

François de Brantes, MS, MBA
Executive Director
Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute

“Payment Reform - Innovative Compensation Models”
As executive director of HCI3, he is responsible for setting and implementing the strategy of the organization. This includes supervising the implementations of Bridges To Excellence and Prometheus Payment pilots.

Celina Burns

Celina Burns
Principal, Health and Productivity
Buck Consultants

“The Healthcare Landscape is Changing – Emerging Trends Underway”
Celina is a Principal in Buck’s Health & Productivity practice. In addition to her client management responsibilities, Celina’s expertise covers a range of issues affecting employer sponsored health, retiree, life and disability.


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