Dr. Bridgette A. Wiefling, MD


Dr. Bridgette Wiefling, MD

Dr. Bridgette A. Wiefling, MD is Senior Vice President, Primary Care and Ambulatory Specialty Institute, Rochester Regional Health

Dr. Wiefling plays a critical role in leading the Rochester Regional Health delivery system transformation under the evolution of new payment models. She spearheads innovative strategies and initiatives to redesign delivery of medical services in a way that integrates safety, quality and care across the continuum.

Dr. Wiefling’s key objectives are to enhance reliable clinical outcomes, improve transitions of care, establish organization-wide best practices in care pathways, and improve cost-effectiveness of care. She is committed to enhancing the experience of care in a way that helps patients to live their best lives while preparing our organization for expanded value based contracting and reimbursement.

Prior to Rochester Regional Health, Dr. Wiefling was Senior Vice President and Executive Director of the Rochester General Medical Group. She has also served as the CEO of the Anthony L. Jordan Community Health Center.

In addition to her role at Rochester Regional, Dr. Wiefling:

- Is an FDA Pediatric Advisory Committee Consultant
- Worked with regional health system leaders to organize the establishment of the Rochester Integrated Health Network and Greater Rochester Health Home Network
- Co-founded Equity In Health Care, a not-for-profit dedicated to providing resources for the delivery of healthcare in third-world countries
- Developed an international training program for primary care residents who wanted to learn about the challenges and strengths of third-world health systems

Dr. Wiefling received residencies in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, University of Rochester/Golisano Children’s Hospital and Strong Memorial Hospital, an MD from the University of Wisconsin College of Medicine and a BS from Slippery Rock University.