Frequently Asked Questions

Who are members of NorthStar Networks Professional Partners?

A hand selected team of professionals that are knowledgeable, passionate, innovative, and highly ethical individuals. They joined our team because they want to make difference in the world and are recognized for the value they bring to their clients. They enjoy continual learning, involvement and understand that the sum of the team is greater than each individual.

They have walked in the shoes of their Clients and provide their industry-specific knowledge in ways that are most advantageous and convenient to their clients.

What is the role of NorthStar Network Professional Partners?

Professional partners provide insight and education for decision-makers and their staffs through un-biased, independent, honest interactions with our Clients. Most of these interactions are telephone consultations. Professional partners are in teams of 8-12 individuals with complementary skills and experiences. A client can establish an ongoing relationship with a single partner or can have access to the entire diverse team for purposes of getting different vantage points or access to different skills.

What are the fees to be a member of NorthStar Network Professional Partners?

There are no fees to become a member of NorthStar Network Professional partners.

What is the process to be a member of NorthStar Network Professional Partners?

You can complete and submit your profile online. It is critical that the information be complete, accurate and current.

You will be requested to carefully read and accept the terms and conditions to join the network. If you are currently employed, you will be asked to get the employer terms and conditions signed as well. Both documents can be completed online and can also be made available as hard copy.

Once you have submitted the forms, we’ll contact you to discuss your goals, experience and areas of expertise, review the terms and answer any questions you may have. NorthStar Network reserves the right to conduct a background check if that is deemed necessary and you will be notified in an advance if that was to take place.

Following the phone call, assuming all questions and terms are understood and agreed to, you will become an active member for NorthStar Network and be able to apply for assignments.

What is the process to be paid?

Upon completion of an assignment you will need to go online and request payment. All payments should be requested within 30 days and upon verification, will be paid within 10 business days of revenue receipt from the client.

How much will I be paid?

Each partner can set their own rates based on experience and expertise. The company will do our best to negotiate a rate based on the project goals and the skill of the individuals. Rates for each assignment will be posted online and you can always choose whether or not you want to accept the assignment given the rate the client is willing to pay.

Rates may vary based on the geographic location of the client, the importance of the project and the length of the engagement.

What are the expected lengths of the assignments?

Typically an assignment will last one hour and be conducted over the phone. On-site engagements will generally be between 1-2 days and ongoing assignments will vary depending on the needs of the clients. In all cases, you can choose to accept those assignments that fit into your schedule and at no time will you be required to accept a project.

What are the terms and conditions?

All terms and conditions can be found and accepted on the web site. If you have questions or concerns about the terms, you should contact us immediately at the contact information on the terms or e mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Can I continue to work with other clients or continue relationships established prior to becoming a member of NorthStar Network Professional Partners?

Yes, this is a non-exclusive relationship. Our request is that any relationship established through NorthStar Network would require that future engagements go through NorthStar Network.

What kinds of questions or topics should I expect and how can I be best prepared for the call?

The topics and questions will vary greatly from client to client. Most will be focused on strategy and best practices. Each assignment should include enough details for you to determine if you have the skills, knowledge and experience to be helpful. You can always pass on an assignment and you will determine those that you feel comfortable accepting. If you are interested in an assignment but require time for preparation, you can let us know on the assignment request. We will notify the client to determine if they are interested and willing to pay for your time to prepare. It is important that you do not share any confidential information. If you are uncertain about confidentially than you need to decline the assignment or notify the company in advance of potential conflict. When in doubt ALWAYS err on the side of caution and do not discuss the topic.

What information cannot be discussed?

You cannot discuss anything that voids your confidentiality contract with NorthStar Network or any other entity for which you have a relationship, contract or may have had a previous contract, such as with your current or prior employers. If a topic comes up that you cannot speak about, please notify the client and end the call immediately. You will be paid for the actual time with the client. If there is a conflict of interest, be sure to notify the company immediately and we will offer the names of other partners to the client.

How does the company decide who will be invited to apply for the assignment?

The partner always decides if he/she has the skills and can chose to apply. The client will be provided up to 3 names for an assignment. The client then decides if he/she would like to talk with one or all of the partners. From time to time, partners will put assignments in place for their peer experts to handle. In that case, the client determines level of interest and the referred partner can elect if he/she want to accept the assignment.

In the case of a speaking engagement, the company will select and propose partner that it deems would be the best fit for the event.

Can I discuss assignments that I have applied for or have provided services?

No, all projects are confidential. In the event of an ongoing relationship, the company will secure in writing the necessary approvals so that you can openly discuss the assignment.

Can NorthStar Network sell my personal information?

No, NorthStar Network will not license or sell your information. We will however need to share your background for the sole purpose of finding potential clients for you and the company. We do reserve the right to share information about you with your current employer or anyone else that may be relevant.

What are my hours and how many hours am I expected to work?

There are no set hours and no guarantees on the number of hours of assignments that you may be offered or accept as a member of NorthStar Network Professional Partners. Most Assignments will be made visible on the web site; you can select those where you believe you can be of help. The client can then select from the group that has applied. The client will be given your contact information and you can determine a mutually beneficial time to talk.

If I consult with a client can I negotiate for more time for myself to work with this client?

No, at the conclusion of the agreed to assignment, the client may request an extension, follow-up call or a contract for ongoing services. All negotiations will be handled by the company on behalf of the partner. If you believe there are additional opportunities for yourself or other members of the network, please notify the company immediately and we will contact the client to create the appropriate extension for the services needed.

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