The New Business of Healthcare operates on razor-thin margins. The Affordable Care Act is reshaping the business models for payers and providers. What are the financial implications of new models such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH), and Insurance Exchanges? From the basics of finance to advanced debt and capital management strategies, our Finance courses can help you build a financial model for success.
There are two additional courses in the Business Planning and Strategy curriculum that have a financial focus.  You may find them helpful.
  • - Financial Analysis and Reporting in a Value-Based Payment System
  • - Long Term Care/Post-Acute Care Positioning for a Value-Based Health System
All of the courses listed below are included in the Finance Curriculum.
Courses available now  
Financial Fundamentals $249
Reading and Interpreting Financial Statements $249
Accountable Care Organizations, A Financial View $119
Introduction to Actuarial Cost Analysis $119
Health Care Reform: Pricing, Exchanges, Providers, Employers $149
Compliance Implications and Strategies in Response to Managed Care Reforms $119
Lessons Learned in the Evolving World of Compliance: Before I was a Compliance Officer… $119
HIPAA Privacy and Security Audits Are Here:  Are You Ready? $119

Finance Complete Curriculum